Finding Small Stand Contracts

Forgive me if i am being stupid or am missing the blindingly obvious.

I built a few small stands and signed up the amount of small stand contracts i needed. Then went on to build medium stands and signed the contracts i need for those. Now i have added a few more small stands just to fill some spaces in my layout but cannot work out which of the offered contracts contain small flight contracts?

The flight operator that do small aircrafts also do medium aircrafts. It is symbolised in the scheduler by small and medium plane symbol. Operator for small aircrafts in vanilla game are Forest Air, CLM, Goose Wings, Stripe Air, Sky Fly, SkyLink, and maple.
As an example for the size, In this image FA41 is a medium flight, and FA180 is a small flight.

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Yeah im fine finding it from the planner (but thanks for the pointers), but the contracts themselves dont give any indication that they might generate small flights before you sign them as far as i can tell. I am also using the large mod from the workshop so i have a page full of airlines to select from.

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