FIDS & Gate changes

Hi dev’s!

I’m pretty sure we will see some kind of Flight Information Display Systems in the game with departures/arrivals as well as check-in and gate monitors. Have you shown a glimpse of this in previous devlog’s already?

Will there be scenario’s where a flight requires a gate change when for example the previous plane is delayed and thus still occupying the scheduled gate? Do we have the management over gate assignments and the ability to make changes on the fly before a plane lands ? Having all passengers that are perhaps already at the original gate sent over to the new gate?

Nice idea! Gate management is a micro management some would enjoy and some would not (I would enjoy). Also I would not expect it in early versions of the game.


For these types of micromanagement, one could take the same approach as Software Inc: you would train some staff for a few weeks or months and then have them automatically manage it, according to their skills.

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