[Feedback] Possible improvement/extension to the current development blog format

Hey developers!

I have read all of your current development blogs. They are all pretty neat, and filled with great content!

However, I have been fallowing the development very closly sense 2018. And recently with the many new changes to the game i would like to propose a new format or an extension for the current development blog.

I would like to see some sort of live/real-time development blog, almost like a Q/A session. The format could be that one of the community managers asks our questions.

I know for a fact that many other game studios does this.

As an example here is a link to SimAirport’s dev session in march.

Something similar could be done for Airport CEO.

If not as a Q&A session then as an other way of getting the word out when a big update drops, you developers could tell us your thoughs and show off all the new and cool features.

lol you could see in the chat that @modair was there. But, I do agree. I would definently go to these Q & A sessions.

Modair is a former active SimAirport modder, actually made modifications to SimAirport, now it is more centralized in mod development for SimAirport than ACEO.

Well the format for these live sessions is to me not very important as long as they are informative…

I know for a fact that blizzard does their own Q&A sessions, where with each questions they answer a little about the why instead of just the how.

What i would personally like is probably a mix between a Q&A session and a walkthrough of new features and the filosofi behind the implementation of each.

For instance it could be done this week (if the devs find the time) which would be a perfect time sense the release of AL35. That would also mean that they could walk us through what’s buildable possible currently and what’s not instead of us having to browse through thousands of posts and topics.

There were AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions on discord channel. You can check it out. Maybe you can ask developers to organize a new AMA on beta stage were workload is not as high as current state

Discord? Do we have a discord?

Yes :slight_smile:

that’s cool … but I think they should give more notice than 20 minutes LOL

We have been going back and forth around having a vlog ever since we started the project. We tried it a bit of video format with the early play-through series but we found that it took quite a bit of time to prepare and make. Time which was better spent on developing the game at the time. We would be open to give it a try again for future games but since Airport CEO is nearing its early access transition to a full game, there won’t be as many major changes to come. But for future games, definitely! :slight_smile:


The old developers from Prison Architect had these monthly update videos where they spoke about the update and what they did for an hour. It had no script and required little planning and time from their side, but it did give players a decent insight into how the developers approached things.

Thank you for the response @Fredrik.

However, I still feel like it would be a good idea for some sort of AMA for when we transition from alpha to beta.

Personally I would still feel like there is currently a very gray area in terms of building possibilities and game mechanics in general.

If you are able to host a AMA you would be able to answer these questions. And by doing so you might be able to reduce the amount of bugs generated due to a wrongly generated airport build.

For instance one of the questions I have had for a while is: Why is not possible for me to segregate departures and arrivals across different floors, without having an insane amount of pathfinder issues?

For instance imagine you have arrivals and departures on floor +1 using the jetway and in order for arrival passengers to reach a given security exit and/or pax immigration they need to use a stairway to go down to floor -1 and no toilets for arrival passengers exists on floor +1 but toilets exists for departure passengers.

Is this a design decision or a simple bug that have not been looked at yet?

This is an example of a question that might be good to have an answer to in a given AMA.

There will be another Discord AMA in relation to the release of Alpha 35, most likely next week (as we’ve done with most major updates, i.e. hosting a Discord AMA).

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