Feature Request: Permanent "Planning Mode" toggle

Hi there,
Now playing in Sandbox mode where I am developing my airport designs and trying to pre-plan the whole airport before unpausing and starting the game. I then slowly manage my budget to build the different terminals.

For this I would like to request that the planning mode be made into a permanent toggle (or at least a new option in settings), so that I do not right click and randomly turn it off.

Many times while I am planning a large terminal - then right click one too many times - pick a new tool and start planning again, only to discover that this time the actual build mode was active and my cash was just spent.

It’s a small feature to ask, but it would make planning mode way more reliable and useful, thanks!

Also in planning mode, it would be great if all building options became available, so that I can plan ahead of my research!


PS: For anyone who also wants to try playing this way, I recommend planning a full large map airport on day 1 (at least 50.000.000 EUR/USD), and then starting the clock. My record was an airport that took 7 years and 10 days to build. (Unlimited money needs to be on, of course)

moved to the voting forum. :slight_smile:


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