Feature request: one-way escalators/direction controllable escalators by demand

I have a feature request and that is to include in the vanilla game one-way escalators and/or the ability to control escalators manually or by demand, it seems like a killer feature seeing how most major airports irl have such systems in place.

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welcome :slight_smile:

A complete one-way system we may never see in this game. The development on new features is stopped. Only bugfixes are to be expected.

A one-way system would cause a lot of changes in the pathfinding logic. As passengers want to reach objects within the same zone, they do not think or pre-check how they get back to the previous area.
For example in worst case, passengers will walk around the entire airport to get back to the gate desk, just because they used a restroom behind a one-way door or escalator.

If you want to achieve a proper passenger separation, the usage of international zones allows that. As passengers only stay always in one international zone and never change to another one.

This was originally how the worked, you could set them as you wanted. However during testing it was as AndyC mentioned above the PAX would get themselves stuck and not be able to path back and so changed so the system now.

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