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I Would Like To Ask This :

               _**Will We Be Able To Add Airlines Throught The Games Files When The Game
                     Hasn't Released Its Mods Allowance On Steam Workshop?**_

On the Mod Data thread, it is discussed that airline mods aren’t supported yet…

I am sure you will be able to sometime, but certainly not at release of the early access.


Im not talking about Mods, im talking about Changing the files of the game or adding even more airlines through files without mods being supported

You can physically change the files however you like, they’re on your computer.

The save data and a few config files (such as those containing franchises and airlines) is held in .json form so you can edit that with ease. The actual game data is presumably obfusticated and encrypted so, if you know how to deal with that then you can edit the actual game too, though in most countries that would be both against the EULA and quite illegal…

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Well, I dont think adding airlines is Illegal, but we are talking about Buying the game first then Modifying files, Modifying the files now is impossible since I have no access to the Developers’ PCs

Also, by definition you are modifying the game therefore it is a mod. Your answer lies in both what PigScroll and I have said and the thread he mentioned


Well if you share it then yes it is illegal.

Usually reverse engineering software is also illegal under copyright law

If I recall right, you didn’t buy that game, you only bought a license to use the game.

Plus what you’re doing is the same as modding.

Also, I can’t recall how it works, but won’t changing through brute-forcing actually only temporary, since Steam could detect the files as broken and just redownload a vanilla version.

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The mod would revert upon update. Motorsport Manager has many added file mods which must be added fresh after every update.

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(I’m not a lawyer)

The laws relevant to this subject are not copyright, but you are correct that some jurisdictions will not allow it.
Copyright pertains, as the name suggests, only specifically to copying, and redistributing.

Copyright cannot stop you from changing something you have.

Copyright is the term everybody recognises.

In the UK it (If I recall correctly from my one law module as an engineer) software would fall under intellectual property of the person(s) or company and it’s use and distribution would be governed by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and changes to the act thereafter. So, copyright is kind of the correct term to use though it’d fall somewhere between copyright/patents and various licensing complications.

You’re correct that software is intellectual properly, and is therefore governed under copyright.

But copyright only makes provisions regarding the fact that you cannot redistribute copied content, not that you cannot change it for local use.

But I’ll get myself out of nitpick land now :smile:

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But that’s only in the UK. In truth, each country sets its own definition, plus there’s still the courts’ interpretation to boot, no?


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