Extreme lag (4-6 FPS)

My airport has 15k passengers and the fps is only 4-6. The game is crashing a lot, all actions take time. How can I solve? When I check the task manager, the game is 5GB. I have video card nvidea gtx1060 (which is not bad). 8gb of ram and even then it is impossible to play. The graphics are at a minimum and still the fps does not go up. What can I do?

The main load falls on the CPU. Optimize processes at your airport. There are no other options.

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To add to this, make your airport design as simple as possible. No confusing(to AI) routes and corridors around the airport, make spaces open where possible, ensure that pathfinding wouldn’t take more than a fraction of a second, and for the love of god at that kind of capacity do not go 3x sim speed. Not only will your framerate suffer, but pax, vehicles and planes will no longer pathfind as efficiently. Security checkpoints will become unmanned as the AI struggles with when to change shifts, passengers will wander around, planes will deadlock for no reason, trust me that this is from very recent experiences


Two very good tips here that I would begin looking at, as at 15k pax it sounds like a reasonable cause for the low FPS.

Very good. Really what happens. I use 3x speed to spend time faster. All my systems have a fast patchfinder, however, this problem with security points occurs all the time, as well as ramp agents. the game needs to be optimized urgently, considering that the maximum capacity of an airport can be (350 planes x 200 average passengers = 70k and my airport is still at 15k)

We urgently need to optimize the game or limit the quantities, so that this does not happen. I am discouraged to know that the game does not allow me to reach the maximum capacity of the game. When it comes to administration, we always try to be as efficient as possible, and this only happens through reaching the maximum passenger capacity.

I understand your pain man, had to reduce flight capacity to 20% just to prevent 10-15h delays

Also @Olof why is it that even when I set the auto scheduler to “always send away” flights can be deadlocked(ie baggage trucks not responding to request for jobs so no baggages are loaded) until a Player manually terminates turnaround

3x sim speed has that effect on the game?

From what I observed operating a beast of an airport(about 20k passengers a day), yeah. The way pathfinding works is that the game calculates an appropriate path in real time, so if you fast forward the game the sprites and entities still pathfind in real time, hence causing a delay in the time your security officers, in the most common scenario I observed, and the time the next shift comes in because the next shift is still finding it’s way. In smaller airports, it’s no problem bc pathfinding times takes a very very very minute period of time, but when your game is trying to simultaneously calculate paths for 6-8k pax, 1.5k staff and 200+ vehicles then we have a real problem.

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