Extreme buildup

Hey all,

Time to start a field again. Extreme settings, lets find out what changed over time.

Just had my first profit day.



Before people get angry about the taxi lanes, I added them this time :wink:

People like @humoresque i.e. :wink:

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I didn’t get angry… I think he is messing with me again

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Extending slowly.

Medium wing added.

Thanks for sharing!
It’s really interesting for me, because I also play an airport in extreme-mode, started on May-1st. But I’m still in Y2-D4. It’s nice to compare the ways we go. I started directly with commercial flights on 3 stands and a mini-terninal (I try to play without taking a loan, that was the maximum to build with 500k). Actually I have got 12 stands and the first small baggage system under construction.

I hope to see more of your project in the next time.

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Thx! I will continue with this for sure. I had 3 loans going, had to wait out my big loan in the red, due to the fact we cant refinance, now still with 2 loans active. Added another 2 medium stands now.

I had like 7 oil crisis already?

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I assume you’re running on extreme? Nice build! :slight_smile:

Yes, this is on extreme :smiley:

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Let’s better compete, who will carry 50,000,000 passengers faster. In the easiest mode, so that there is start-up capital and incidents do not bother. )) I played in extreme mode, there is nothing special there. You put 2 separate terminals with ~ 8 small stands commercial airlines in each and they bring you from 250k of net profit per day, then you build a third terminal for large planes, and delete the old 2. There is nothing more interesting there, only the headache from frequent accidents and the need to put an emergency flight instead of the planned flight. )

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Second floor forming up.

Slowly extending medium gates.

New waiting area going up.

Entrance terminal moved.

Parking CEO started

Also, first time loan free, I have had a lot of oil crisis.

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