External influences

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I don’t know if there is a topic about this but I was very wondering if there are external influences on your airport? I.e. before you want to build a new runway you need to investigate and see how much it will burden your environment, like noise pollution. Also the direction of the runway will matter, maybe a kind of board can give recommendation.

Looking forward to some answers! :slight_smile:

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Well i like the Idea, has very much potential in my eyes.

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Nice idea! :slightly_smiling_face:
Maybe, for the direction of the runway, there could be prevailing winds for the airport which affects which way the runway could go.
Just an idea!

Also, since this topic is headed External Influences, I thought I would add another suggestion.
Other influences outside the airport could also cause delays or cancellations. I do not know whether this has been mentioned on the forums before, but:
-Weather outside the airport, such as a volcanic eruption, could delay or cancel flights.
-ATC strikes could also do this.
-Delays at airports where flights arrive from could have a knock on effect.

I do not know whether implementing these would be practical or easy. It’s just a suggestion really!

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Maybe if you dont pay them well they will strike. I like it and dont like at the same time.

it would be realistic, the dutch airport “schiphol” has this problem to that they can not grow a lot at this point because off the noise pollution to cities that are close

yea that would be really cool. Something with normal and hard play mode. Normal is without hard or catastrophic events and hard is like you mentioned strikes, volcanic eruption etc.

Hey FourthValleyAirport, welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

This sounds like a very nice idea, although you should be able to turn it off. If i want to build my dream airport, i don’t want anything to get in the way :smiley:

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yes exactly, then is the different play modes a outcome :ok_hand:

What about crosswinds and go-around? that would be cool to see but also not, get me :grin: :joy:

Therefor we need a sandbox mode!:grin:

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It’s airport simulator, not runway simulator :smiley:
Then again, they would not really have to model that. An aircraft could have a go around just as a small random chance :slight_smile:

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