Expedited Security Lanes/Realistic Boarding (For Late Planes)

I think it would be nice to have a security lane that you can dedicate for pax who are running extremely late for a plane. In my travels, when you’re late, I’ve had security push me to the front to ensure an on-time departure. Maybe a 3rd slider on the security areas for “Late Pax?”

If this is not feasible, could the airplane boarding process be revisited? I like the “Always Delay” option because full planes (regardless of timeliness) improve airline satisfaction. I’ve noticed “Always Dismiss” (or whatever the other option is that isn’t the “Prompt” option) will help ensure no back ups of airplanes, but also is severely detrimental to airline satisfaction. I would love a middle ground where you can either choose how long to delay for until it automatically dismisses, OR if there are pax through security and there is a delay to allow immediate boarding of those pax and wait for a few minutes and then dismiss. Currently, I’ve noticed if there are pax checked, waiting to board but you have “Always Dismiss” selected AND there aren’t any staff to open boarding, the plane leaves without a chance of boarding beginning.

@parillos is actually right. There are more and more airports that have dedicated security lanes for late passengers where boarding is within +/- a certain time from now.

Example: Frankfurt Airport

While it is increasingly the case that airports are offering this, airlines don’t tend to wait for passengers who are running late, the aircraft has to stick to its schedule to complete all its flights for the day before any closure hours at destination airports etc (even though the destination airport isn’t simulated, the need/desire for airlines to remain on schedule should be). The default option for delays should be for an aircraft to be dismissed for late (beyond about 15 mins) pax, planes should only really be delaying over non provision of an airfield service (baggage, fuel etc)

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