Exit queues for objects

Please can we get an EXIT queue to guide passengers away from for example checkin deks? Now the people will randomly leave, if you like order thats not neat ;). My current solluction;


So how do they leave from the most left hand desk? :smiley:

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Besides that small thingy, it was even worse when I activated it, they store baggage even when you have no baggage belt connected, so they ignore it totally since they then are auto placed in the personal zone. Next time I have to zone it in between the desks.

Lets try something new.

IRL pax never leave the same. I’ve never seen an exit queue in my life. I’ve only seen exit gates,not queues, at self baggage check-in desk,but that is just to makes sure they don’t move back the same direction they came from and ist because the area is completely closed of.

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