Executives can't reach staff room

I made a little staff room for all executives. However, they can’t reach it. The staff room is in the secure zone which seems to be the problem as the executives don’t know how to use the security checkpoints.

Blockquote executives don’t know how to use the [insert anything here]

Boy, yet another fundamental truth revealed in this little game… Maybe there’s a smell coming through the wall they don’t like? :wink:

On a real note… Quite a few loads ago in the very early version of the current airport, I had an executive office idea like this. It wasn’t in the secure zone at all. They meandered around there all day and it was sort of cute. Then I demolished the office/terminal/everything and when I rebuilt it finally in the new terminal… the office was located in a secure zone… not once did I ever get an executive to find their office (except the cloaned CEO)… I wonder if this is an actual thing where executives (are accidentally in the code) checking the secure zone condition and not knowing how to find their office and then it doesn’t give any form of a report or bug. They just sort of stand around, and we don’t even realize its bugged, and no one has really bothered to explore it further when the executives stopped showing up to work (or wander aimlessly and uselessly through the terminal)… Which didn’t seem to have any effect on the airport at all, so why build them an office?

@Fredrik and @Olof

With the newest update I believe staff go to the closest staff room to them. The same applies to the executives therefore might choose another room over the 1 you zoned in what you could do to resolve the problem is make sure that they aren’t allowed into other staff rooms and only this 1 maybe then it would work ?

p.s. I say this because it’s what I did to resolve the same issue on my saves

You can filter which staff types can enter a staff room. I only have 1 staff room where the executives can enter. They tried to reach it by walking up to the wall in the not-secure zone.

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