Exchange Offices

Are there any plans to implement Exchange Offices? Seems like an vital part of international airports but I haven’t come across anything about it on the forums.


What is an “Exchange Office”? Like a Bureau de Change?

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I think he means Currency exchange.

Okay yeah, that’s what a Bureau de Change is

Exactly what I mean!

If they aren’t in, I think they’ll easily be implemented under shops.


Just thinking about it, there’s potential here for it to be a bit more than just a shop. The bureaux will need to have deliveries lots and lots of cash, and or course this rather unlikely to be left in the delivery zone in a cardboard box! :joy: Instead, there would be a securicar with one of those armoured guards escorting the money in to the cash office of the bureau.

Could be a vaguely interesting (albeit rather unimportant in the grand scheme of things) addition to mix things up a bit.

Of course, bureaux des changes could easily be implemented by way of a shop for a quick fix.

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No, see, you’re looking at it wrong.

Implementing it as a shop is a quick fix. The best simulation, though, is for the shops to have delivery zones, storages, etc. (that way, not only do currency exchange have their delivery zone, but other shops as well).

No, I’m saying that bureaux shouldn’t have a delivery zone, they should be directly supplied by a cash handling company who deliver the cash directly to the office, using an armoured van and an armoured guard. Very different from how the shops would work. There need not be a delivery or storage area on the grounds that the cash would be stored in safes in the office (which doesn’t really take up enough room to worry much about - maybe install a safe as an item).

So when the Securicar arrives a man gets out, goes to the bureau and hands over the cash. They could also supply ATMs.


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