EURO Airport (EUR)

This is my 2nd airport, this time created with Sandbox.
According to game time, this took roughly 60 hours to complete.
Want to download it? Click here to download from Steam Workshop!

It took a LOT of planning, designing, and improving after inauguration, so it may be fully operational with no major collapse. Still with some fine-tuning, but I consider it complete now.

EURO Airport is a fictional airport located in Central Europe near Eindhoven.
It serves as a regional hub (with lots of citty hoppers connecting to other airports in the region), an European hub, as well as an international hub.
All stands are international to simplify the design and operations.


  • 3 Large runways

  • 10 Large Stands

  • 16 Medium Stands

  • 14 Small Stands

  • 40 Manned check-in stands

  • 98 Automatic Drop-off kiosks

  • 120 Check-in kiosks

  • 12 Large Security

  • 10 restaurants

  • 6 shops (including one huge duty-free)

  • Underground parking, taxi and bus areas

The airport is designed to have two separate traffic areas for both incoming and outgoing traffic, and at the same time minimize the walk-in time between airside to exit for both passengers and staff.

Large runway at the bottom is only for large aircraft, for both landing and take-off
Top runway is for landing only (small and medium aircraft)
Middle runway is for take-off only (small and medium aircraft)

The terminal is in the center of the airport, featuring a central plaza which brings natural light to the ground and 1st floors, and connects with the underground , where all transportation is located

Underground zone is where taxi, bus and metro converge into the central plaza that has 4 escalators and 4 elevators that lead directly to the center of the terminal, on the ground floor.

Also, the baggage claim zone and baggage bays are in this floor
Passengers easily leave the airport after passing passport control and exit doors on ground floor, collect baggage and leave the airport choosing their favorite means of transport.

More details on the coming posts

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Nice!! - will you upload this to steam?

Yes :slight_smile: On it :wink:

Let’s head to the main terminal, ground floor:

Upper section : Check-in area (colour coded to match stands and baggage bays, resting area before checkin, and some franchises (3 restaurants & 1 shop)
Right section : Regional flights (4 medium and 17 small) . All of them are connected to the terminal without need of buses
Bottom section : Security, passport / EU card control and duty free. Escalators to 1st floor

The dark-brown sections are exit sections from upper floors that converge into white area , where escalators go to -1 floor

1st floor features majority of gates, large seating areas, shops and restaurants, including 2 terraced restaurants and a vip lounge around the patio.

Next posts will show some interesting details of the airport

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Admin area on the 1st floor, note the individual offices for the C-Level executives

Underground central plaza

Baggage bay loading / unloading area

Scanners at full capacity:

Baggage claim & exit to public transportation & parking area

Towards central plaza from baggage claim:

There is a bit of complexity of service road tunnels to avoid direct crossings which allows traffic at rush hour to be more fluid

The same crossings at ground level:

Detail of the checkin area:

Security area with duty free mandatory traffic after passport control:

Detail of security and passport control at rush hour:

Central Plaza at the ground floor:

Cash deks at duty free and escalators to 1st floor:

VIP Lounge in the 1st floor around central plaza patio:

Regional flights area (no remote stands)

Stands detail with incoming and outgoing traffic segregated:

Boarding time!

Details of franchises at the 1st floor:

And the day is finishing with the night queue for final take offs!

Hope you liked it!


Great build! I really like the colourful check in area.

Hi everyone!
I continue to work on this airport, to optimize ops, etc… a lot of small improvements, and also for the new world tunnels, so you can open it with 3.4.0

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Really nice design features! Usually you cant lay down a road on the very edge of the map. How did you do that?

Oh, this is a nice idea.


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There was/is a bug where you could build a road at the first possible position and then drag it to the edge but I don’t know if it is still possible.

In some cases bags do many circles then. The tier 1 will find the suspicious stuff again and again and again.