Etihad Cheaper Than Ryanair?

Apparently Etihad airlines is the same price per KM for passengers than real budget airlines like Ryanair. I never knew this and I thought everyone else here should know too. The link is below. Spoiler I want to hear all of your ideas on why that is before you click on the link as it tells you why.
Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 7.27.10 PM

Website Link

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I think this is better placed in “Aviation Talk”. I think you know that “Off Topic” is intentionally supposed to be dead. It’s mostly invisible on the forum for that reason…

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oh K will do.

Interesting results, but I don’t think it’s very representative to be honest. There are simply too many factors involved in the cost of flying to summarize it all into a single number.

That is very true. There are many factors that come into play which only some are written in the article. Aviation is very complex but it is still hard to figure out how a premium carrier is just as expensive as a LLC (low cost carrier).

Well it sort of makes sense because Ryanair generally does short flights, while Etihad does more long haul flights. Each flight is subject to landing fees, regardless of how far you fly. If you translate it into a ‘cost per km’, a short haul flight has less km and therefore more landing fee costs per km. While in the air both airlines are also subject to fuel prices, but I suspect that fuel prices in the Middle East are cheaper than central Europe, so Etihad can use ‘cheap’ fuel on half of their trips.

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Makes sense. I agree.