Escelators / stairs from basement to first floor

if my terminal has Levels -1, 0 and 1 i have to place escalators / stairs side by side to get passengers from one level to another.
I think it should be possible to place escalators / stairs on top of each other.

kind regard


do you mean like 2 floor stairs?

That could be another feature :smiley:
I meant to build two stairs above on the exactly same position but on the level above or below. - Like Escalators in a shopping centre :wink:

OH that would be nice

YES PLEASE! I already feel space constrained as it is.

I assume we are talking this:


I think so

Also, some places have escalators that take you from one floor, skipping a floor and drop you off on the floor above that or more etc… This would be great too!!! I see this at Tampa Bay International in the Master Plan Inventory.

But sometimes you don’t want passengers to get off on a certain floor from the escalator. you want them to drop or go up 2 levels skipping a level.

Here are examples:

Vertical Transportation Excellence

and just for fun (please make this possible to! haha:

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wait tampa international airport?

yes, it looks like in their floor plans I’ve been looking at that they have escalators that go down multiple floors and skip floors in the process, not 100% sure cuz I haven’t been there but regardless, those do exist.

in copehagen metro you could place escalators down to mid level where you change to other escalator to cotinue to platform level

In Hong kong’s Metro (and I have been there) skips like 3 floors, to get from the station to ground level.

ya Tampa 100% has the floor skipping escalators (and i should know, i live there) they go from were you get off the trams on the 3rd floor, to the first floor baggage claim

Would love to see floor skipping escalators (obviously taking up more space than the current ones) and the ability to ‘stack’ escalators like in shopping centres

100% yes

since elevators are coming, i bet we can stack those.

mabey floor skipping?

I do not think floor skipping will be there, but lets just wait and see!

Maybe this can be done;

When user places 2 stairs or escalators behind each other, they can combine themselves and become 1 long stair/escalator in between 2 floors via by-passing middle one

Or make the current ones modular: place a bottompiece on the floor you start, next floor you can choose a straight piece or an endpiece. If you choose a straight piece you choose again on the next floor.

there is also 2 floor escalators in Orlando international ( I believe by the car rentals) and they improve flow by using floor 1 to exit but only allowing people to enter onto floor 2