"Escape Mode" for Airport CEO

If anyone has every played Prison Architect, after you create a massive prison you have the opportunity of becoming a prisoner and testing out your own prisoner (trying to escape from it). I’m sure this was already said but it would be awesome to do something like maybe manage ATC at your airport. Probably won’t happen and if it does maybe not for a long time. But it would be cool to test the design of your airport by guiding airliners to and from the gate.

Or do an escape mode for your airport.

Place your camera in 1st person with 50 degree FOV at a random location in the airport… and see how hard it is the get to your plane.

Make it a mini game that also tells you where you need signs and more directions?

Kinda serious.

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Orrr, kind of like that iPhone game where you checked peoples luggage, and removed the luggage with bad things in them.

Um… why?


Pretty silly for this game I think. Also, keep in mind the game is 2D, so no first person cameras.

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Both ATC ground and airport security would be new games. The closest thing to the escape mode I would say is to be a passenger using the airport.

Sorry, but I don’t like that idea either. :frowning:

Lots of mini game potential here, although i hope they focus elsewhere.

  • luggage tetris
  • that game with the water pipes you have to build before the water startsrunning, only then with luggage and conveyors
  • play a security guard and solve crime / catch criminals
  • play tracon (anyone remember that game?)
    The list goes on…

Would be quite nice to become a passenger and wander around the airport, however the top-down 2D nature of the game limits that. Using the existing graphics, it would be rather pointless, but to introduce 3D graphics would be very intensive. I don’t think it’s going to happen, and I don’t think it would hugely add to the game.

ATC… maybe. It would essentially be a separate game though, so I’m not going to hold my breath.

One thing I can see happening is you having the possibility of taking over certain NPCs like luggage handlers, fuel trucks, push back trucks and so on. You then have to manually perform whatever tasks are required from that character or vehicle. This could also be a way for you to intervene if a certain NPC starts behaving in a stupid way for some reason. I would name it “Let me show you how it’s done” mode.

I think this is the best implementation if you wanted to do something like this.
Otherwise the game wil be looking childish fast.

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