Envision Airlines - Envision a Better Way To Travel

Airline Design Contest Submission

Airline Name: Envision Airlines - “Envision a better way to travel.”

Airline Description: Envision Airlines strives to be the next best thing, with fun comfortable flights, and energetic atmosphere. We pride ourselves with top notch Customer Service, and we’ll get you where you need to go with competitive rates (but not budget) and kind staff. Join us in Envisioning a Better Way to Travel.

Considered to be the new Virgin, this airline is known for it’s fun vibe and comfortable seating. Envision only flies Airbus Aircraft (unless others ARE needed in Game) and can do domestic range flights. It is a normal priced airline. When Nicky Banton took a trip to his father’s farm, he saw an old prop plane in the barn that belonged to his father. Remembering the small plane rides his dad gave him as a kid, he wanted to do that for other people, and with just as much fun as his childhood imagination was. He created the Envision line in 2014, and has been successful since. His father’s old delivery company used to have a purple logo, and as an homage to that, Nicky went with a rich purple for Envision, feeling it would be very noticeable.

Airline CEO Name: Nicky Banton - “Envision prides itself with offering comfortable flights for fun, at an affordable price, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Airline Design Image:


Saw your previews and WIPs on Discord and was looking forward to give it a like here on the forums. Well done, dude!

Thanks!! I’m an artistic person, and sometimes my OCD gets the best of me… In this case, I finally got it to cooperate, lol! Any opinions or thoughts?

The only changes i would consider is the transition from purple to white at the rear. Perhaps a different pattern would look better.

I’ll look into that!

I might be doing some final tweaks to this today! Any last opinions? Do you like it? Do you not?

Edited the description. First part is the “450 character short snippet” while the rest is a bit of backstory. :smiley: