Enforcement of Taxiway Clearances

Yes, you can do this yourself; however, it would be cool if the game computed the maximum allowable plane size for each point on the taxiway, so that aircraft can’t clip your vehicle depot or so mainline jets don’t take a shortcut through your GA parking.

This could be actually relatively easy to code; each taxiway node computes a free radius around itself by measuring the distance to the nearest wall or structure; if this radius is larger than 1.5, allow GA/Small aircraft; if larger than 3.5, allow Medium aircraft, and extend as necessary when future aircraft and stand sizes are added.

(or, more complicatedly, including distance to other taxiway nodes; defining the wall/structure distance at taxiway node t_k as d_s, other taxiway nodes are at a distance d_n measured along the taxiway node graph, and d_t measured in actual space. Find the minimum d_t over the set of nodes where d_t < d_n. If d_t,min is less than d_s, set the free radius of node t_k to d_t,min. This will correctly flag parallel taxiways that are too close to each other to let aircraft pass*, but will not flag all taxiway intersections as having free radius zero. Updates only need to happen when taxiway nodes are added/removed, and since the taxiway graph should be simple enough that even exhaustive search for d_t,min shouldn’t affect performance too much.)

(* Except the pathological case where every grid square has a taxiway node and the yellow lines turn into a fully connected grid)

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