Endless stream of vehicles

At my airport, I’m constantly getting a large stream of vehicles (Mostly taxi’s and cars) going to a drop off spot, but not actually dropping someone off or picking someone up. It sometimes causes huge traffic jams, with passengers being late, causing delays. Is there a way to fix this?

Yea, I get the same, adding more roads to try and alleviate the problem doesn’t help, it just spawns more vehicles. It can be a real nuisance I’m sure you’ll agree.

Even when I temporarily closed my airport for construction, I still got a lot of vehicles going to the airport without any reason.

Does this happen on the latest 27 version?

I do have the same issue with the current version.
ACEO-44519 Even on staff only parking lots, cars come and go non-stop. The airport does not have shopping or restaurants in the public area. And all passengers are there, so no need for new passengers to arrive.


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