Endless Buses, No more contracts, and No more flights

I have a few bugs that I need to report, some of them serious as my airport is now bankrupt.

1)Unlimited buses.
Passenger buses just keep on coming, without on-loading or offloading anybody. Even when there are no passengers anywhere near the airport the buses just keep on coming, causing a major traffic congestion.

2)No more contracts.
i have been looking to offer food, shop, and fuel services to my airport and have researched them. I have waited a full in-game year and still have yet to receive any new contracts (including airline contracts).

3)All of my flights have expired and none are being offered anymore. My contracts have not been canceled and my satisfaction rating is 90-100% for all airlines. It has been one in-game year without any new flights.


  1. Busses will always run up to and depart from your airport.

  2. Strange that you cannot get new contracts. I’m assuming your airport is built up enough. Could you share a screenshot?

  3. You have contracts and had them running successfully, that suggests something has altered in your game. Have you built something, did you close your airport? Run way closed or needs repairing? So for stands?

My airport is opened and all stands and runways are repaired. I’ll try to get a screenshot, and thanks for the tip about the buses

With the shop and food contracts, are you selecting your empty shops/food stalls to look for contracts?

Yes, I am.