Employees Not entering the airport

Started to play after a long Hiatus. I build up an airport using the sandbox mode.
When I opened my airport, my employees ( non executives) are not entering the airport. They are just waiting at the bus stop or subway entrance.
The passengers are entering the airport and so are the executives so it is not an issue of entrance or sideways. I do have staffroom as well in the airport.

I have tried to restart the game , fire all employees and rehire and also close and open the airport.
No luck :frowning:

Anyone else facing similar issues ?


Do you have the right staff rooms?
Are you using multiple terminals?
Are all rooms accessible? Not behind security but employees are disabled at security checkpoint?

Maybe you can add some screenshots. Situation + zoning



Yes The staff room is outside the security area

Is this on beta 3 or beta 4?

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