Emergency flights stuck in stands

I have three emergency flights that have been stuck in their stands for an extreme amount of time. I have two small stands set aside for emergencies and they’ve worked without issue for a very long time until now. The third flight is a medium that I had to stick in a commercial stand and it’s causing all sorts of delays. Again, this stand previously worked without issue. The pushback truck is hooked up but not pushing. I should mention these flights are NOT looking for a hangar. I have hangars set up and all functional taking maintenance issues.

  • All stands are hooked up to baggage, boarding, etc. All stands have previously handled numerous flights without issue.

  • save/load didn’t work, tried it multiple times. Also tried the F10 debug menu to no avail.

  • Dismiss flight doesn’t do anything.

  • No icons/warnings saying the planes are stuck

  • No other planes seem to be stuck

I don’t have a great picture that will help show this issue. Just looks like a plane in a stand. I can get some general shots if it helps. I’m just kinda hoping it fixes itself overnight. I submitted a bug report on the save.

Can you bug report this save on the most recent beta version and let me know the number here?

Can you share a screenshot to see?

I loaded up the same save and the problem became evident immediately. I only have one ambulance and it must’ve been deadlocked outside the map. Upon loading the game the ambulance raced out and met with each flight. They all left without issue once handled by medical. This seems to fit with one of the bug fixes in the new update since I did add one way entrance and exit lanes to my airport prior to this issue showing up. It didn’t occur to me to check ambulance availability since I had no problems with it in the past.

Submitted a bug report on the updated save anyway for record/if you guys need to look at anything: ACEO-37906

Thanks for your work!


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