Hello, my idea was that you will have some unexpected incidents. This will make the game more challenging.
-Fire (Engine fire, Fire in termenal)
-Medical (Passenger unwell)
-Crashes (Landing failed)

-Fire Army
-Medical staff
-Emergency mode (Will shut off everything on the airport then the damaged airplane can land safe)
-Calling for the Fire Army or Medical staff.

-If you don’t help, you can get a lower passenger happiness and a fee. (You will also need to regain trust from the passengers)

-Police you can also add


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Good idea :+1:
But I think, that crashes or incidents will be very difficult for many players on start.

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Yhea, maybe you can’t have incidents or crashes if you play in beginner mode.

It could be a requirement for medium commercial use or commercial use in general


I would at least like to see the Fires because every airport got it’s own fire station so to have realism it would be nice to have them.

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Just a heads up: when the next feature voting rounds starts you could all vote for these topics :slight_smile:


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Oh sorry i didn’t see it :smiley:

No problem, just wanted to mention it

Should i post this post at feature voting?

You could but I think the most important parts have already been included in the topics I linked

incidence with a/c was added?

Maybe it should be on certain difficulties of medium above, or just an optional feature like prison architect

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