Elevators, Escalators, Stairs

Trying to built escalators or stairs , and i get a message - THIS AREA CONTAINS TOO MANY ELEVATORS, ESCALATORS, OR STAIRS. This never happened before, i always built as many as i wanna do. I presume it’s a bug. I have the latest version of game Beta.

Nope, not a bug, a feature to help with pathfinding. The override is in the gameplay panel I think…
New in beta 8 I think

I’m so confused at how pathfinding used to work fine with all of my passengers, stairs, escalators and lifts, and now it can’t handle it. I used to play the same savegame fine, and now I can’t. Passengers just freeze and don’t move. A strange step backwards.

Please drop us a bug report so we can have a look at it! :slight_smile:

Ok i found it. It’s on Game settings. Enable stairs.


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