Elevated Drop-Off Roads on Landside (Departure/Arrival)

There should be roads that can go on the second level for departures and roads on the ground level for arrivals as well. This would be more realistic and eliminate the need to go up a floor to get to the gate. Most airports in North America have multi-level roads



I’ve wanted this feature for so long.


My local airport is like that and it has a 4 story parking lot


I haven’t tried it but maybe you can build a tunnel and have a road connection underground?

I support your idea, this might be just a workaround until your idea is fully implemented…

For this to work, you should also be able to set car/taxi/bus stops from default of both to just drop-off or just pick up.


That’s why I liked the airport in St. Louis, it had everything on the ground level, but there were still bus/taxi/car drop offs on the top floor where you’d check in and walk past Security. One floor one way until you come back. Then you go downstairs!

Yes good idea. I actually did that already


I suggested that already, but still a great idea @Olof !!!

Yes good idea

Basically you can already achieve it by placing drop off points on 0, -1 and -2 floors.

Yes but in real airports it’s always like that with two levels, and you don’t have to put escalators after security or some other area, passengers just walk to the gate. I think this game could be more realistic with this feature.


Just revise it to top of list

I really believe that this would be a good addition for the terminal update, now that I think about it.

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Maybe this should be called “Elevated Drop-Off Roads (Departure/Arrival)” as multi-level are already possible (but underground). - the title was changed accordingly.

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Is this feature going to be in Alpha 35?

As @EG0611 mentioned, it’s possible underground (0, -1, -2) but not to higher levels, that is also not planned for now for any upcoming release.


That’s why it’s here as a feature proposal.

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I think this is the original, so…

Reviving is so much fun!!! :slight_smile:

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