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I have many more ideas, but this one prompted me to make an account and post.

Tunnel entrances and exits take up more space than I think they need to, in reality.

In the attached picture I do not think this should be an illegal position.

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Jag har många fler idéer, men den här fick mig att göra ett konto och posta.

Ingångar och utgångar från tunneln tar mer plats än jag tror att de behöver, i verkligheten.

På den bifogade bilden tycker jag inte att det borde vara en olaglig ställning.

Are you sure it’s not because there may be things in the way of the tunnel?


Tested multiple places. No subterranean baggage or other terminals present. Nothing else so far under ground on any level. Seems to need all 8 tiles (2x4) overcleared.

Tunnel is wrong way anyway

@kiwikiller41 tried both ways.

I think you have to remove the building at the tunnels’ planned position.

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4 tiles are 20 - 25 metres. (Trailer needs 3 tiles and has usually 18.75 metres / 3 * 4 = 25)
I don’t think this is too much for a difference in height which is minimum 5 metres (trailer height up to 4 metres are possible plus some material for the ceileing, which should be able to carry a big airplane)

Now the only thing we can discuss is if we can build a one way ramp which only uses 1*4 tiles

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Looks like a street (car) tunnel starts inside a building (it goes down from right to left). That’s wrong.
If you turn it by 180° (starting at the street and going down) it is still wrong because the tunnel entry needs some space into the building.
I don’t think what you plan could be done in reality. You need some space for the descent.

I found it easiest to please the tunnel going down then go down a level to place the tunnel to go back up.

if you didn’t know, the tunnel takes up the same place, both above and below.
while you can place roads on tremanal, i don’t think that tunnels can.


Thank you. This is the main point. I have successfully placed tunnels elsewhere and in other games.

I am only suggesting that it seems realistically possible for a tunnel entrance/exit to be flush with the building face. In the left snap in my post, I am space constrained by a taxiway not visible in the image - I can’t afford 2*8 tiles off to the left. In the end I just came up with another plan for the underground service road.

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