Economy Tracker lag issue!

This bug is pretty easy to explain. When the player hires the CIO and the Economy Tracker on the Dashboard starts functioning, the game does not delete old data from the previous 2 second update and progressively slows down the game. In my case, this makes it unplayable in a matter of minutes! And I just started General Aviation…!

Extra note: If you hire and then fire the CIO, the game keeps updating the Economy Tracker unless you save and load.

Edit: A temporary bypass has been found, simply don’t open the Dashboard in-game, and save and load afterwards if you really need to check on it!

Edit 2: This bug also applies to the Statistics page as well. The same solution above can be used to avoid the stuttering.

Those data points should be cleared out automatically and when I’m check it here that seems to be the case. Can you bug report that save and let me know the number here?

After playing for a while longer, this issue has brought more questions then answers sadly…

Bug Issue Number: MERCURY-46266

  1. This is not actually produced by the economy trackers found on the dashboard and economy tab. (Source: Played for an extended period of time without checking either and stuttering started happening.)

  2. The stuttering appears to accumulate in severity until hitting a “cap” where it won’t stutter any harder than it already is. (Source: Played for a while after stuttering started to see how bad it’d get.)

  3. The stuttering continues even while the game is paused, which makes the bug not even related to the simulation of game time.

I hope my newest insights can help you track down the bug.

It’s on the top of the backlog! :slight_smile: