Economy idea - "live" economy/markets

Hello all,

Just a quick idea I’d like to get some feedback from the community from.

Has anyone considered the ideas of an interactive and “live” (changing) market inside of the game. So for example, the prices of certain fuels or running prices businesses operating inside of your airport going up and down or being able to sell stocks of your airport. All of these rates could be affected by the airports success and clientele using your airport.


It could be interesting. And taking it to the “next level” (something probably to be done on the long term) it will be cool to have “fuel crisis” and that sort of things on which some asset price/availability goes outside normal parameters.


Oh yeah I definitely thin that a crash of some sort, like you said a “fuel crisis” would definitely have an interesting take on game play.

The problem with that sort of things (the “next level” ones) is balancing. They would need to be prepared on such a way that an airport with a healthy economy would be able to survive, but one with less margin would fall.

Because if a randomly generated crisis ruins brilliantly built airports people will get angry (of course, that can happend on real life, but losing a game because some algorithm decided that it’s time to start another airport…)

Perhaps an ability to disable market crashes/price hikes and edit the margins that prices can fall by could be a good solution?

A market with changing prices would be nice. It should be realistic so market crashes don’t happen ever month :smiley:.

A financial disaster would work any other disaster like i.e. tornado, highjacking, etc, A player can opt
out of disasters in his playthrough or prepare himself

Oh yeah, I definately like the general idea of disasters.

I think having an in-game economy would be brilliant. Fuel prices could go up and down, and general financial trends would also affect passenger numbers (better economy=more business flights and more leisure pax, and the reverse also true). It would be great if a realistic algorithm could be applied - the economy fluctuates within a small margin, with occasional larger fluctuations (booms and busts) being much rarer events.

Something for the devs to think of down the line - it’s quite a big ask to incorporate something like this into the game, and it will take time. But I do think it would add value.

I’de like a crisis idea of oil workers going on protest

Yeah it definitely is a big task, hence I think this thread may play a role later on in the games development.

Very interesting idea! I do think however it would be hard to implement and balance well as mentioned. There is also a lot of work on actually legally getting the data from the internet to the game. However, this is definitely an idea which, if used well, can enhance and drive the tycoon genre forward.


Yay! One of the devs has noticed oir small discussion!

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