Economy and wonky

Hi All,

I am playing version 36.2-3 and the economy seems to be way off. I am posting positive net income, yet the cash flow keeps going south. I had three days of positive cash flow, the account was at $100k and now it is negative $145k despite making $250k during that time. Maybe I am missing something, the average 12?!


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Yeah, I had this too, my economy is crashing like crazy, with positive flow.

at least yours is going positive, I cannot do anything to make money despite the fact I am.

Fortunately the devs are aware and investigating this.


Is there a launch date for the beta? I will probably stop playing until then as it is hard to run an airport that doesn’t make money

I think in over 100 airports only two have ever lost money. I don’t do sandbox mode either.

Do you have contractors on site all the time?

No I do not, I remove them when no construction job is needed. They said this is an issue and working on a fix.

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You can switch back to the default branch. You will lose the new features but the default branch is usually more stable with less severe bugs. But if you are patient, wating for Beta is indeed the best option.

Yes, the first beta version is currently getting a proper economy QA run by Fredrik and once it’s released (after Alpha 36 goes default) the numbers will make a lot more sense!

Emergency vehicles are currently missing from the expense panel but there are also other bugs affecting the total sums.


Can we get more stats / breakdowns for the economy?

Such as?

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For example, income/expenses for different terminals, food/shop breakdowns, income based on the flight class (small/medium/large), income based on the airlines, income/expenses based on Jet A1/Avgas, etc.

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As an accountant I would love to be able see the historical data sch as day 1 year 1 profit and loss statement or at least year 1 profit and loss statement. Also on the the current profit and loss statement showing on the following:

Daily and hourly summary - starting and ending cash balance example -

Starting cash - $100

Revenue - $200

Expenses - $ 100

Ending cash balance $200

Not really sure the important of an average 12 day, the numbers do not really add any value (when reviewing financial data it is all about comparison to point in time. So if you are looking at day 2 year 2, I would want to compare to day 1 year 1 as they are the same point in time a year later, how did I do in comparison to them).

The daily operations, there is no breakout of what is contained in that number. So if you are trying to control cost you can’t or at least understand what is part of that number.

A liquidity graph.

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Make the hourly income in the HUD, a rolling average of the last 24hrs.

I think hourly is better, cause it at least allows the players to quickly diagnose if there’s a certain problem in the airport. A deep dive should always be reserved through the reports themselves.

My hourly expenses are 25k atm and that is with medium airplanes only. and my daily profit is about 20/25% on the turnover, but still, my hourly income is in the red most of the time. And that is after build cost. It is a very bad indicator.

This is one of the biggest issues in the game.

This is my income, with 8 commercial small stands and 11 GA stands.


This is my income with 8 large stands and a lot of small and medium stands, where it is very hard to make a substantial profit.


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The margins should be better do to passenger volume, but I found no one really uses the baggage system. My estimate based on the current version 36.2-8 is around 5%, which given the investment you have to make use of it, is awful. I think if the baggage increased to around 35% then maybe better returns.

I build baggage in my current field and signed a few 5 star contracts now.

But it seems not to make a big difference. Maybe if large planes come in, but I am still saving money to get it in. I am considering preparing some infra now.