Easy Beta Exp ~ Oh no!

Starting a new airport with grass taxiways and horrible terminals again, but hey, I have fun! :wink: ~ and Devs get reports to improve the game :smiley:

Fence going up.

All projects finished and the fence too!


Airport going up

With floortiles this time :smiley:

Ringroad almost up

First planes, plus I did not open the Airport, haha


Yay!! You have done it!! :rofl: :laughing: :upside_down_face: :wink:


Terminal getting bigger.

Lots of services up, now out of money due to oil deliveries.

Parkings getting up


Update, 9 stands, slowly extending services

18 stands

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6 million in the bank still using grass tiles for taxiways to cheap out, I’m disgusted :face_vomiting:

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If you want to speed build into Large Stands, since this is Experimental, you need about 10 mil in the bank, to speed build into them. Dont you get this is about testing Beta, instead of building the perfect airport? I am very annoyed by people commenting like this.

How much of the map is the airport covering, as this is already a big airport? Just curious

I unlocked just 1 block now.

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I was just joking, you can play the way you like to play, I don’t really mind. If you want to cheap out however, shouldn’t you use Asphalt stands? I’m not quite sure on when the return on investment of them would be, but they at least have a lower initial purchase value.

On a serious note though, I don’t think I am the one who doesn’t understand how testing works. Part of testing is speed building and finding issues quickly in the core elements of the game, but slowly progressing in a ‘realistic’ fashion is also part of testing the economy and progression in the game. Both are essential parts and you need both players.


Waiting :wink: