e-Boarding Gates / Biometric Boarding Gates

e- Boarding Gates / Biometric Boarding Gates

Implement automatic boarding gates to add to the automation R&D project coming in Alpha 35!

Automatic boarding gates are becoming the norm at many larger airports, allowing for greater efficiency in boarding passengers, and would further reduce the reliance on passenger service agents reaching a boarding desk in good time - avoiding massive delays and service agent no-shows. They could be visually similar to automated passport control gates (as implemented for Alpha 35), with small modifications. e-Boarding Gates would allow for a greater number of passengers to board at once, at the correct boarding time, in a smaller terminal footprint.

This is planned for Alpha 35 :slight_smile:


As far as I know self check in and self passport controls are incoming. Same goes to boarding as well?

EDIT: Ohh @Jettuh :wink:


Thats good! Looking forward to installing e-boarding gates in front of my jet-bridges!


Correct, it’s the last feature to make the default Alpha 35 release and has now been implemented! :slight_smile:


Super curious what it looks like… @Jettuh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


nice :smiley:
in some airports same e gates are used for entrance to secuirty or to certain parts of airport, example uncommon to see - e gates used for entry to airport lounge or other soutions but those same E gates to check tickets to comfirm its vaild to enter secuirty

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Cheeky, you are essentially asking for a one-way door before the security area :smiley:

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