[Duplicated] Cargo and maintenance hangers?

Would cargo contracts be an aspect in the future of the game? Such as cargo facilities you can build and cargo filled planes arriving with their goods unloaded to the cargo bay/hangar with airport vehicles and then trucks take the loaded goods away; leaving behind profit. You could also employ cargo workers to unload vehicles or make it entirely autonomous as a system, that way you have half an airport dedicated to passengers and the other to cargo. It is probably a huge overhaul to add, but its still a fun idea to think about. Also would the use of hangars in game work in terms of contracts for airlines to conduct maintenance in, so say you have a ‘Maple Airlines flight’ that spends a week being maintained in one hangar and then it leaves, making a profit on the side?


Plase, Santa, bring me Cargo handling! :heart_eyes:


Maintenance hangars will come with Alpha 36. Please use the following topic to continue discussions about Cargo feature.

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