[Duplicated] An idea about the Cargo

(Just an idea but hope to adopt and implement.)
I planned a very complete plan and process about the Cargo jet and Cargo.

As you see, many international airports are have the Cargo Apron, so I think our airport will have the Cargo Apron too, (On the basis of the big map). Also there are lots of Cargo Airline in the world (Ups FedEx SF DHL) And many big airline (CA CZ MU) have the cargo jet. So I think when the freight system is added to the game, the game will once again rise to a new level.

  1. New play
    Cargo plane and passenger plane(Cargo).Player can choose you want to or not.
    2.New plane
    A330-200F B737-700/800F B747-400/8F B757-200/300F B767-200/300F B777-300F MD11F
    3.New building
    Freight station, Cargo apron(M L)
    Loading process: The goods are transported by trucks to the airport (there is a special unloading site), after I, II, and III inspections, the workers (ground staff) put them into the LED boxes, and finally they are delivered to the plane by the luggage cart. image image image

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