[Duplicated] Airport Intern Transports(Buses, trains)

Will we have intern transportation means, for example a bus from Terminal 1 to 2. Also you could have hubs outside of the main terminal, for example Geneve Airport(They use tunnels instead).

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I think i read somewhere before that multiple terminals hasn’t been implemented… but it was quite ago.

I heard somewhere that it won’t be implemented in the first release.

We don’t yet have multiple terminals nor do we have remote stands but when both are introduced we will of course need buses.

Having a metro/subway could be nice as well maybe a situation like Heathrow, where the multiple stops on the city’s metro also serve the airport as a transit facility.

This topic has been discussed at length previously.

Yes I did recommend this in Reddit before, sure others did too, the Devs said it wont be implemented in the start but consideration is in place for the future

Sorry for asking then, tried to search here on the forums but couldn’t find anything about it.

I read it on the forum… as i haven’t visited ACEO’s subreddit yet. So it’s there. Just very hard to find as it was not in a defined topic.

Edit: Found it… it was @mrspeciale93 who mentioned it first on this forum.

There are many other things that relate to this… Please use the search function before you make a new thread!
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Lol are you actually reviving old threads to ask for a merge? Dude…