"Double" Escalators

Double floor escalators

I believe it would be nice to have an item which could give escalators/stairs the possibility of going to both above and below levels. It would really help in expanding smaller terminals to an additional level. I know that you can place a pair os stairs, but sometimes it could really help saving those 2,5 foundations in tight terminals.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s these:

These won’t be added because of same reason of not seeing “one way escalators” in game. These causes one way routes which leads to path finding issues.

Just make the normal escalator longer, and have it extend 2 floors, then people can go up and down with it

That would make it no different than the in-game elevator, except for the looks.

Ya, just that it extends an extra floor, like floor 0 to 2, or 1 to -1

One way escalators would be nice and improved path finding even nicer. If Simairport can do it, surely these guys can too?

What would be really cool is these AND a terminal tile without a roof. Could do up to 6 stories high central area in the terminal so that be in any level, you’ll always see all the way down. Mainly for cosmetics but it would allow lot more interesting airport designs when you combine that with bridges across this area and this kind of escalators at edges.

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