Domestic and international airlines only?

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Is it possible to set a certain airline as a domestic only and other as international only? I created an airport with an idea that one airline (“national” carrier) will be providing domestic destination while other international. It ended in having all airlines offering the same domestic destination.

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Airline destinations are currently completely random and cannot be controlled.
Do you play in the default international mode or in the realistic international mode? In the default mode, the destinations do not matter at all and are only decoration.

If domestic flights always have the same destination might be because there is no other domestic airport within the minimum range. Where is your airport located at?

I’m playing with realistic international mode. My airport is located on Icealnd and I’m aware that distances between domestic airports are pretty close so there is not many destinations. Right now I “solved” this issue with setting the domestic stands being assigne to one airline while other international stands are open to any other airlines. However, domestic flights on non-national carrier are still being generated. I just don’t place them in schedule. Thought it can be somehow set on.

8 airports are in the game airport database for Iceland. But for the size of the island I would say you only get them with small aircrafts and maybe the farest one with medium.

Yes, I know. :slight_smile:
Just wanted to werify if is it possible to set airlines to be international or domestic only. It would make more sense to have Icelandair domestic route as they are home carieer instead of BA or AA creating a domestic route while they still need to get to the island from the continent. Just an open idea.

Anyway, thanks for replying!

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The devs added an airport country code to the .json file for mod airlines, but it doesn’t actually do anything at the moment. When it was first introduced the devs said they weren’t sure how they would use it

Yea, I’m thinking. We could technically specify a country code. So if you put US it will only generate domestic flights. But for this to work this airline cannot be signed if your player airport is outside of US. However, as you mentioned Iceland as an example, you want Icelandair to also create international routes right? So it cannot be domestic only. If you place an airport in norway, you would also want to sign Icelandair. As you can see it gets complex fast. For this to work I think we need to do two things:

  1. Have strict bool for domestic flight only. This airline can ONLY be signed if player airport is within its specified country/countries and will never fly outside of the country.

  2. Implement country codes as a home base which would then make sure the airline only offers domestic flights if the player airport and airline country match. The airline can be signed from other countries but not offer domestic flights.

This required the player to setup its airport in the correct country if the player only uses modded airlines, otherwise there might be an issue getting flights.


Yeah, I’d assumed that the intention would be that if an airline had the same country code as your airport then it would offer you domestic and international flights, whereas airlines with a different country code to your airport would only offer international flights (and in an ideal would, only international flights to the country of the airline).

I hadn’t considered the lack of flights risk though, which is a good point. Maybe default to the above with airlines from other countries offering domestic flights only if no airlines from the same country have active contracts?

I think a flag for “domestic only” combined with the already existing country codes (as a home base) is a good idea. Additionally, you could add an option in the game to switch this on or off. Default could be off, so all airlines will generate all types of flights. Only players who know what they do would then switch it on, and other players who don’t care about it could still sign all vanilla airlines as well as mods without getting in trouble.

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