Does small aircraft require baggage?

Hi all,
I’m currently working on the baggage handling in my airport and I am wondering if I can have baggage only for medium stands because it is too much of a hassle. Any ways I can have only medium get bags?

Yes you can. Flights that are scheduled to small stands that are not connected to a baggage bay will not request baggage handling.

Thanks man! Really helpful!

If I use auto check in desks in this scenario it forces me to have a baggage drop and I then get issues with this not being connected to a baggage bay so I think you can only have this split if you don’t use auto check in desks?

Correct. If you don’t want a baggage system for small stands, you have to use normal check in desks. Best are the small ones without baggage belt.

Here are a couple of screenshots from my current build, where the small stands do not have baggage handling. In the second shot, the small check-in desks at the bottom left of the image serve the seven small stands, the medium check-in booths and the auto check-ins and baggage drops across the centre of the image serve the eight baggage-connected medium stands.

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