Do Vintage planes need International Stands for International Flights? [solved]

This flight is going to a regional stand, but the flight is international, any help?

I think you are playing with the shengen visa rules.


The vintage acts as a normal medium stand. As @faebue mentioned, there are different gameplay settings.
In the default international mode, only large stands have to be placed in international zones and the destination of a plane does not matter at all. Everything else is written in the linked guide. :slight_smile:

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I am, but the stand I didn’t put to international

i set 3 stands to international, i made 1 emergency stand, nvm that now, all international flights now are using the international stands

If you had scheduled flights on a stand before you changed the International setting,they will remain until the last flight has been served.

The Shengen visa rule means that every country that singed this contract will handle flights from and to the other Schengen countries as domestic flights, at least in the game. The rest is to difficult to explain in one or two sentence.

actually, other flights that are classified as “Regional” are actually international, this is throwing me off, what are the territories of Norway ingame?


this is not happening

As long as you play with the Shengen rule the Borders of Norway would look approximately like that

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oh, thanks, that helps alot

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