Do the real airline mods slow down the game?

many people say the game doesn’t have a good performance(like 10FPS) even with a high Hardware PC. Do they run with mods? Have anyone tested? Do the real airline mods slow down the game? I am a little doubtful of performing but the real Airline mods are attractive. Thank you!

I have the issue, that the game is extremly slow and not that smooth running since the last updates. Dont know if it has it’s backround in the use of mods, but I use a lot of mods.


Mods mainly fill the memory.
What are your hardware specs?

I wanna know that real airline mods are totally new aircraft models or just change the textures?

my desktop
CPU: I7-7700
GPU: GTX1060-6GB
RAM: 16G
SYSTEM: Windows10 1903
thank you

airline mods are just some sprites that got overlayed over a white default plane

I was at the same point of questions and problems.
I’ve signed (and activated) more mods than the game could handle (nearly all of them from @dawed - btw. great design with the mods). After loading a save game the game itself needs about 30 to 35GB RAM.
Performance when game stopped 20-30 FPS with 60% CPU-Usage, while fast running below 5 FPS with 100% CPU-Usage.
Average at the Airport: active aircrafts 50-70, PAX 10-15k, Baggage 13-17k, Staff 2k, Vehicles 500
Without mods, just ingame stuff and the same other conditions: game stopped 50-60 FPS 45% CPU, fast running 15-20 FPS 80-90% CPU.

The more Aircrafts and Passengers, the slower it is. But i think that’s normal.

My Laptop is definetly not the problem (i7-10750H, 32GB RAM, RTX 2070 SUPER 8GB, Win10 20H2)

Correct, on one side it’s the number of “moving” objects such as passengers, staff, vehicles, planes, bags etc. which take capacity for your CPU. The other one is the placed objects and usage of mods which fills your RAM and VRAM.
If the memory is full, it outsources those data to the harddisk and this is the point where the game gets slow or sometimes even crashes.

If you have issues, try it first without mods and compare your hardware consumption in the task manager with the numbers when mods are active. Then you know if this could be the reason.

We recommend only to activate the mods you need for your savegame. Also prefer to use single mods and not huge modpacks.

wow 30GB-35GB? How many mods have you subscribed? what kind of them? interesting

so what is huge modpacks? some function mods?

Currently just 5 mods pack (Banks, Catering & De-Icing, Contractors, Food & Shop Franchises, Fuel-Suppliers [all by Dubinek]) and “only” 38 airlines (most of them from dawed).

In the meantime (Alpha 36 to Beta 4) there were about 55 airlines subscribed and activated. To load the save game take about 10 to 15 minutes.

There are basically two ways mods affect performance of the game. The first one has been mentioned already is that mods do takes up quite some RAM and VRAM in order to load and store the additional textures required.

The second performance reason is a bit harder to explain but there is a thing called batching and draw calls in game engines. A draw call is a CPU instruction to the GPU to render a specific thing. Mods will naturally increase draw calls as a single draw call can normally only read from one texture at a time. Therefore, we have grouped all of the vanilla airlines to reduce the number overall textures in the game. Mods will add a texture with each livery. I don’t know exactly how much this impacts as it only applies to visible liveries at that very time, but in combination with the first one it can have an impact.

In general, don’t activate more mods than you wish to use in a particular save. :slight_smile:


what an amazing date! above 40 mods occupy over 30GB! I think I am unable to use them more with 16GB RAM

I see, thank you and good work of the 1.0