Dissapearing baggages

Help! I just created a big airport with 4 baggage bays and 8 baggage claim areas. So the baggage was going some time underground and when it switched to baggage look, I saw this disappearing.
Only a few got to baggage claim areas. I hired about four employee pages of ramp agents, but it still didn’t work. Is that because the baggage owners leave the airport or something? Maybe the track of baggages is too long? I tried switching conveyor to the fast ones, but that still didn’t work.
P.S. I played this time on default because alpha 30.0-02 had bugs with vehicle ordering.

Hey, can you please post some printscreen of your airport?

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Alright. I’ll be back soon.

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I signed contract with about 2 airlines, that’s why there aren’t many people, but here they are:

It always happens (I’m not sure if always) in the area that is shown by image 3. I know this is stupid, but maybe that’s because the bus stands have a code that remover baggage or something? Also they don’t disappear at one time, one of them disappears here, and another there. Only a few make it. Maybe that’s because passengers leave airport?

When a passengers leaves, his bags are indeed removed. Maybe it takes too long for them they don’t want to claim it anymore?

I don’t think so it’s that long…

Does your baggage notification give errors?


Maybe do a fileupload of the savegame, then I can take a look.

Okay. I can do it in about 9 hours, I’m sorry. I’ll just move it in Google disk and give link to it. Is it okay?

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Sounds like a plan.

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Wahington-NYC Backup – Google Drive Here it is.

Lol , maybe put it in an archive next time :wink:

Booting up now.

Firstly, you do not have enough ramp agents.

Let me correct, you need loads of ramp agents;

and maybe staff zone under the belts too :wink:

Lol, I will look into the baggage in a bit, getting traffic in shape now, seems baggage dissapears from the carts for some reason, whats up with all busses on your airport?

Ok, the distance between some stands and your baggage loading site is long, lets see what happenes if I close gates.

Your security needs an upgrade btw :wink:

Also; you can assign baggage loaders to stands; reduces traffic on your roads.

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Thank you!

How many ramp agents should I assign to a medium stand?

It seems its mosty the distance for your stands is the problem.

Assign vehicles to stands for pickup of baggage.

I also removed a bottleneck here.

And assigned these to stands.

And I removed 2 bottlenecks here. (since they had to go all around your wing.)

For someone who never builds with open ended funds, its very hard not to optimize stuff, haha, I sold loads of vehicles and now are like; all the non used assets cost money, whats up with that :smiley:

And whatsup with all the AVGAS trucks? you have no GA.

Just small things;

  • minimize traffic (assign stuff to stands)
  • build your baggage pickup/dropoff closer to stands.
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I’m planning to do a Ga section.

Aha, but why have all the assets already, it costs money, haha!

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