Displaying Sizes of Objects


I was daydreaming about my future airport which I will build whenever ACEO is released on Steam and I suddenly wondered something.

Reference: Airport CEO: Pre-Alpha Gameplay Video (Part 2) - YouTube

So I was thinking what should be the size of building of baggage process area and I was like “What was the baggage loading/unloading machine’s size?”

Then I stopped daydreaming because if I don’t have sizes, I cannot build buildings around them. Same thing occurs for security controls, toilets, gates, runways and even benches.

So my idea is; displaying width and length of object on menu. Maybe even menu icons can show sizes.

What do you think?

The idea is certainly not bad. I can imagine that at first you look on the wiki for sizes, but it would be best of course if the game itself gave you the info.
It does this when placing of course, but it would be nice if it did that even before trying to place it

Dude, stop daydreaming or you will hit your ariport’s runway hard one day. You never know, we may discover a game breaking bug on the release day itself. (But that is highly unlikely.)

Have to say, when I watched the video I did wonder how baggage carts were going to turn around in that room :stuck_out_tongue: it seems far too thin! Unless they reverse in, in which case have you ever tried reversing with a trailer, let alone 6 of them!

I don’t know if the objects necessarily need their size printed on them, surely the pre-placement ghost will be enough to see it’s size? I suppose if it’s measured for you it saves the hassle of counting yourself but it’ll clog up the menu with all the letters and numbers and names of objects and make it seem very untidy.

Maybe you could hover over the item for more context: name, size, fixed cost, variable costs, description, etc

This would suffice :slight_smile:

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