Disembarking, gas store, deicing summer, int exit, Bridges

Hellau there!
I found some Bugs i wanna Report:

Some people get stuck while spawning at disembarking the airplane. no walls, no international zone, all safety area. Depends from stand to stand. at one stand everybody gets stuck, some stands work fine. (all Jetway)

You can build gas stores under the surface? but then you see lights and steam at ground level.

deicing in summer?

no international exit?

you can delete ground level basement and get the upper levels floating. i like to build a bridge, but it seemes like a bug?

Some Ideas:

How about automated contracts for shops ect.

clicking on car depot and then choose your favorite cars which should park there.

clicking on acstand and then choose “free” cars for assigning them to the stand.

deny big bird the access to small birds area

Love the game!! Like the new stuff!!

Greetings Daniel


Found out that they spawn in international zone, so that there is no exit, they cant leave…

Edit. I learned how to build exits.

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You have to build an international passport check before the security exit for arrivals, and after security for departures. I hope this helps and welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

yeah, i found out, but it still is a little bit buggy. thx for help :wink:

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De-icing is requested at a temperature of 1°C and lower. Depending on the geographic location of your airport, this can be possible in any season.

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For some airport layouts this is very usefull. Of course, using a completely floating airport is a bit strange.
But I love that “feature” for example to build service roads or bus gates underneath 1st level. I could not play ACEO without that.

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Yeah but this is not very accurate. I play most my airports in western Germany (where I live) and we don’t have snow an negative degrees in summer :wink:

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My Jamaican airport has snow in winter at 30 degrees. :wink:


My fictive airport is in Cuba. It seems that the game doesn´t care, I still have snow in the winter. :grin: :joy:

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I reccomend using the bug report tool to report it to the developers.

This has been added recently. When you sign a new shop/cafe contract, it will automatically renew. The contract will be cancelled only if you cancel it or when the shop doesn’t get enough customers.

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