Discord AMA #4

Hey all! On Sunday 24th of November at 19:00 GMT we’ll all be available on the official Airport CEO Discord for an AMA together with the Discord mod crew! Come join us and ask us, literally anything, and we’ll try to answer as best as we can…

IF you’ve not already joined the Discord channel here’s another chance: Official Airport CEO

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We’re going live in just around 7 minutes! :slight_smile:


It sure was bussy over there. Great questions and great answers. Make sure to check them out if you couldn’t make it.


It sure was! But great fun as always. We’ll try to do one after each major release! :slight_smile:

If you missed it you can check out the entire thing over at the Discord server and the channel #ama-closed.

How can I check them if I don’t have any Discord account and I don’t intend to create one?

I know I’m probably missing out something, as in more and more places games, gamers and other people are telling to go to Discord for something, but I don’t find any appeal to go there over other places, which might be available also publicly with no requirement for “joining”, but with read only access, optionally joining when you like what you see and you have something to say. Simply I don’t know what joining Discord is worth as any link to it gets me to its login page…


It would be very nice to have find a summary of the AMA, with the most important questions and answers somewhere on the forums and/or Steam. I understand the appeal of an AMA to some people, but I fear a lot of the casual gamers aren’t interested in reading up on a long conversation.

One of those has been done. It is available on discord.

Been working one myself that’s not limited to the ‘top20’. Takes some more work putting together the questiô with their answers and filtering out other chatter hopefully it’ll be ready this evening.

Looks like ReVOLT on the Discord contributed to the community: ACEO AMA 24/11/2019 - Google Sheets


Thank you for this Q and A capture

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@ReV0LT you are the god! And congratulations everybody who organized and joined to AMA. I wish I could joined too but maybe next time :wink: