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Long time no see… :wink: After 1,5 years I got at last time to play the release version.
A lot of evolution happens to the game in this time and it looks fantastic. Congratulations! I am pleased to try all the new features

But I have a big problem in the first hours of playing: how can I disable (or reduce) the incidents? “Play in easy mode” is not the right answer for me :smiley:
I want to play in extreme mode, but I don’t want to perform every 10 minutes of playing the same workaround. And there’s also a bug in it: in “Year 1-Day 2” at 00:30 happens the first incident. It is not possible, to research emergency handling in 24,5 game hours. In “Year 1-Day 2” at 08:30 happens the second incident. No chance, to handle it. In extreme mode you need every dollar/euro and if you lost 25.000€ for events that can not be prevented, it’s very frustrating. And in the further game very boring…
It would be great, if the financial-simulation mode is separated from the frequency of the extension of events.

Same theme, another question: what means the option “Normal time when incidents occur” (the german translation “Übliche Zeit, in der Zwischenfälle auftreten” don’t tell me more)?

Other theme, last question: are 6 fields the largest possible map?

Sorry that I get back with something negative. What I see now and what I’ve already seen during the alpha phase is incredibly good and I am pleased to have time for this game now again.

Thanks in advance for answers!

Hi, welcome back.

To play in hard mode but without emergencies, the best option for you would be to create a Sandbox game.
Sandbox now provides you additional settings to turn economics etc. on but keep emergencies turned off.

Officially supported, yes. The map size can be changes manually in the savegame files at own risk. (needs a good computer)

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Hi Manni,

The game speed is set to “normal” (Keyboard 1) in the event of an incident, which is helpful if the game was previously running very quickly (Keyboard 3).

The maximum map size are the six fields.

and now in german. :wink:

Die Spielgeschwindigkeit wird bei einem Zwischenfall auf “normal” (Tastatur 1) gestellt, ist hilfreich wenn vorher auf sehr schnell (Tastatur 3) das Spiel lief.

Maximale Kartengröße sind die sechs Felder.

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Yeah!!! :slight_smile: - that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Thank you for the hint and already a big “Thanks” to @Olof @Fredrik and @Alexander for their fantastic job they’ve done with this game until the smallest details!

Ah, ok… ;). So it’s a little bit misrepresentational translated either in english and german. “Game speed” and “Spielgeschwindigkeit” would be the better alternative, I think.
Danke für die Erklärung, das hilft mir weiter!

Added/edit: Sorry, the quote-function doesn’t work like I want to… :frowning:

And another question: I’ve looked into the “GameData.json” file to look to the incident-settings. In the hope, I can find an entry with them I can set the frequency (rare incidents would be the best option for me). I have found nothing. Is there something like that?
Thank you once more!

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Just put your own words in a new line after the [/quote]. Example:
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Thanks! That works fine!


Sadly no, there is also just the sandbox setting to enable/disable emergencies. The frequency depends on the difficulty level only.


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