Difficult to board the A380 on time [solved]

Since coming back a week ago, I have found A380s impossible to turnaround on time at an attached stand and large flights in general impossible to turnaround on time at remote stands due to the time it takes to deboard and board. All the services are done on time.

The only thing I think I can improve is the boarding area. What are other people’s boarding arrangements like?

I have 6 auto desks per large gate and the boarding just seems so slow. I timed a few of my departures and the 6 desks allow 194 people per hour to board. On the other hand, one of my A380s deboards at a rate of 320 people per hour. For one Maple flight 547 people took 1hr 42 minutes or 1.7 hrs to deboard and the boarding of 455 people too 2hr20min or 2.34 hrs to board. Also, cleaning cannot finish if deboarding is not complete. It seems that cabin cleaning gets to between 26% and 36% complete while deboarding, then waits for the deboarding to finish even when 2 cabin cleaning trucks are on the plane.

For me, I use one large desk and 4 to 5 automated. Normally my boarding is more or less on time but the refuel makes the delay.

/edit but I do only use 75 to 80% pax ratio

I use 2 manned boarding denkst and 6 automated ones. I also Place the a380 and b747 flights on the closest 4—5 stands to the Runway. At a passanger Ratio of 90% this works very well.

Yeah, I always do 100% passenger ratio.
Also, how do you all set up your desks? I put hedges between them to create a pseudo queue. I did that because the desks seemed slow when they were all next to each other.

I went to 9 automated gates per large stand and all is good now.

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