Difficult Level

i started with very hard, 500k. It’s still to easy to satisfy the ga/Airlines. The landing and parking fees are very high, but the ga is still Running very well. I know this is a Simulation Game, but it’s a Management Game as well and i get 3k / Hour. I have 8 small Stands and make a Huge Profit. So there is no challenge for me :(.
Do the passenger rate Ur my Airport? Or are they still happy all the Time and does the Rating from the Airlines depends on the Rating of the passengers? (Higher satisfaction = better contracts/Airlines)?

Hard levels will be chaning more stuff as startup money in the future.

Its not a thing yet.

Thank you! And the Relation between pax satisfaction and Airport attractivity for the Airlines?

All that is roadmap, but you can always create a feature request and let people vote for it.