Different Types of Departures and Approaches with GP Hold Lines

Ah, time to start this discussion.

Will we get to see RNAV, Visual and other departures and arrivals? Will these be affected by our airport’s location? And later in game development can we see our airport’s charts and possibly name our STARS and SIDS.

Also in airports constricted by space will we get to see the option to feature GP Hold Lines that are often seen in Japan at airports with ILS as sometimes taxiways are too close to a runway for ILS to be comfortable. So they have a GP hold line for aircraft waiting to hold short or line up with the runway due to ILS restrictions.

I think players will start to see airplanes just before landing and just after takeoff. So I think players won’t have any options on approach, landing, taxiing or takeoff. Game engine will do it.

We are the CEO of the airport, not Tower Controller :slight_smile:

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Well he is not talking about ATC controller. These small things can be added when the Devs start running out of major features to implement. :grin:

Also i would love it if the game allows us to place hold-short lines on our taxiways.:smiley:

Almost none of this will be decided by the airport. As we only see short final and short upwind deciding approach types will have no effect on the gameplay.

With regard to taxiways it would be nice to be able to put down holding points and specify directions to approach from and things like that as it would allow us to more effectively manage the traffic at busy airports alongside simulating being too close to the runway for the landing equipment. Creating ‘one way’ taxiways would be a nice idea too.

I’ve asked for that before, for the service roads as well, but they didn’t see the value added at that time :slight_smile:

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Which thread?

I tried to find it :frowning: It was quite a while ago, so perhaps it was on reddit, but can’t find it there either. oh well.

Good question with the HP on the taxiways but as SIDs and STARs, this goes way beyond being responsible for an airport imo. Yes, you have different noise abatement procedures with different glideslopes, etc. but this would be imo too technical. What do you guys think?

I could use this right now to get rid of my traffic headaches at the moment. I am having head to head meets even though I have 2 taxiways. If I could make them one-way, then this would solve my traffic issues. As it is, I have to save the game and reload to clear up traffic issues.

I for one would like to see this for taxiways and service roads. It will allow for better management of our resources and stop the head to head meets.

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