Different aircraft boarding simulation types

Normally I would probably not start a new topic, but a couple of ideas have popped into my head which do not have their own specific threads.

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If a moderator, such as @pderuiter, would like me to continue the discussion on another thread, so be it. But I think a new thread is needed. :slight_smile:

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The ATR scenario

Well, as @me123 pointed out, ATRs are boarded through the cargo for at the moment…

So, how are ATRs boarded? Not by a jetbridge, certainly…
download (1)

So this shows that ATRs have what are called “air stairs”, built in stairs for boarding and deboarding. The also board at the back of the aircraft…

So, how could this be represented?
Solution 1
Well, some medium stands in real life do not have jetbridges. So maybe a medium stands without jetbridges could be added.

Solution 2
Have a way for passengers to walk across the stand to the back of the aircraft.

Additional Additions
Also, animations for door opening would be nice…well, maybe a bit further in the future! :slight_smile:

Built-in Stairs

So, we now know ATRs have built in stairs, or “air stairs”. But did we know that CRJs have these as well?
download (2)
They can also be boarded by jetbridges, though…
Even more reason for door animations!

Boarding Stairs

I know these will be added when remote stands are implemented, but any 737s or BAe 146s at a medium stand without a jetbridge would need these…

Not Using a Jetbridge

So, in some situations a jetbridge will not be used or needed. These are:
With ATRs
Already discussed, if you bothered to read that bit… :wink:

With some jets
Sometimes… I can’t even remember what I was going to say here!

With low cost carriers
Detailed below…

Low Cost Carriers

Hooray! Everyone loves easyJet, Ryanair, or something like Spirit Airlines. Their aircraft park at a stand with a jetbridge, and then they don’t use it!

This could be interesting in terms of Airport CEO. Boarding via stair trucks at a jetbridge stand…

Thanks to those who read all of that, although I doubt many will! Please reply with your thoughts and views! :slight_smile:


I like that idea.

  1. Stands should be upgradable to have jetstands AND/OR big boarding stairs (front/back)
  2. Using a jetstand or not should be written in a contract and the price should differ.
  3. Big boarding stairs should be handled by a Ramp Agent

Wonderful ideas that add realism. I added a link to this topic in the big features topic


Is that ATR-42 ???


Love all the nuance and diversity having these options could bring. I think a lot of this will be facilitated by the introduction of remote stands to be honest? I can only guess some of the coding involved in getting an aircraft to use a jetway stand without the actual jetway and that of a remote stand would be similar?

I am particularly looking forward to the introduction of LCCs though :slight_smile:

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Apparently @Fredrik posted the screenshot on Discord… :grinning:



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Hmm, does the Saab 2000 also need jetbridges? It seems they don’t.

No, I don’t think so…

Game will have remote stands in future. So when it happens, ATR style airplanes can park on both; remote stands and jetway stands but still buses are requested from vehicle depot even jetway and terminal are meters away. The point is userfriendliness of apron area. For other airplanes without self-owned ladder; a ladder truck and busses will be requested.


… and buses from a depot! Of course! Perfect! Looking forward to all these :slight_smile:


Flight Planning will become a nice challenge!
Small, Medium, Large stands, connected or remote, with or without jetbridges…
And all machinery and logistics which comes with it.
Looking forward to it!:smiley:

But I think in the first place the flight scheduler should be developed further to handle this.
A lot more recurring flights and more ways to adjust the planning.


I completely agree with the idea of having some stands with no jetways. But some airlines with CRJ’s, such as AA, use boarding bridges for them, even though the have air-stairs. Regarding low cost companies, it would be amazing to see them in the game.

Adding to the idea of “jetway upgrades”, it would be great if there were different kinds, such as some jetways being good for only small, regional airplanes as well as others for larger airplanes, such as 757s.


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