Difference In Jetways and Air Stairs

Different Aircraft will require a different set of infrastructure to serve them properly. Such as say your first airline will need just a spot and ground power with fuel. Then the next one will need that and a catering truck with a cleaning truck and a jetway. And then the next one takes that base requirement with more than one jetway.

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I agree,Some planes like this: like the airbus a380 needs a jetway and can’t use airstairs, and the follker 100 can’t use a jetway and needs airstairs.

A380 can physically use stairs, if there was a medical emergency and it was quicker to get one ill passenger/crew off using stairs then they’d use them. The only reason it’s not used for passengers is because it’s so damn inefficient it’d take an hour to deboard everybody.


Yes, you are right perfectly right. This will also be determined by the requirements from the airline. Some airlines might not want any catering or cleaning service, therefore, paying a less price for turnaround. To earn good money, you must sign rich airlines whom are willing to pay for a lot of extra services. :slight_smile:



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